Bourne Town Hall


Bourne Town Hall as it was in August 2017

Shot with a DJi Osmo camera controlled by the Litchi Osmo app on an iPad Mini 4, then stitched with PTGui and displayed here with the iPanorama 360 Virtual Tour Builder for WordPress

The Osmo was clamped to a mic stand which was removed in post using GIMP to show a “mirror ball”

The 3 horizontal lines at the top right of the panorama toggles the thumbnails on the left hand side; these can be scrolled up and down and clicked to go direct to a room.

Use your mouse, clicking and holding down the left button to move around and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Click the diagonal arrows at the top right of the panorama to go full screen (doesn’t work on iPads/iPhones due to the iOS API – fine on everything else)

Hover over the i hotspots to reveal what they are and click on the arrow hotspots to go to the next panorama in the tour.